Why Is Everything So Perfect?

Please enjoy one of my favorite posts, first written in December 2017.


How much longer is “Perfect” going to remain the favorite buzzword?

Because I hear it everywhere… even in settings where it may not be entirely appropriate.  “Perfect, perfect, perfect!”  

Is everything really that darned perfect?

That word is a lot to live up to.  The Webster’s Dictionary I keep on my desk defines “Perfect” as:

1.a: being entirely without fault or defect:  flawless.

I can’t take the pressure!

For example, we were in a training session at work, learning the new electronic filing procedures for the IL state court filing system.

I theorized our speaker was possibly a former military commander.  She was a no-nonsense woman, dressed in business-like clothing, along with a Type A personality type that I covet. 

Her crisp, staccato voice certainly had me at attention.  And I didn’t want to cross her.

Presenter: “Any questions?  No?  PERFECT.  Next slide please!”

By this time, I was afraid to ask any questions for risk of making things less than … well, Perfect .

I even abstained from the snacks they offered, for fear of making munching noises. Clearly, this is no way to live.

I’m Not Perfect…

Everyone knows I’m less than Perfect. Such as when I feed food from my plate to the dog, even though the host asks me not to do so.

I also eat from utensils that drop onto the ground – without pausing to clean them.  Yummy.


The Buzzword Is Everywhere

I even hear this routine response when I run my errands or make simple phone calls… such as when making an appointment to see my dentist:

Receptionist: Your last name please.

Me: V as in Victor – a – n. H – o w –e.

Receptionist: Perfect.

Whew! I’ve been practicing that one for decades.

Receptionist: And what is your main concern?

Me: I have a tooth that’s killing me. Gosh, I hope I don’t have to get a root canal.

Receptionist: [typing] Perfect

Clearly, she’s missing the irony here.

Receptionist:  The dentist has a full schedule.  The earliest time we can get you in is Monday, January 24th, at 7:30 in the morning.  Does that work?


Thank you for reading – Have a super — imperfect — day. PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST

Thank you for Reading. And have a super, imperfect, day.


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