Cheating on My Noom Diet

I opened the fridge that Monday evening.  It was a very long day, starting with an early a.m. workout, blood donation at lunch, besides putting in a full day at the office.  I was hungry and tired, as I pulled out the makings for chicken tacos:  chicken (prepared on Sunday in the slow cooker), cilantro, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream and flour tortillas.  I grabbed tomato and lime from the counter fruit basket.  Yes, this was going to be good.  For I was cheating on my Noom diet.  So far, I’d been successful:  8 lbs in 8 weeks.  But tonight was different.  Something in me said:  Eat.  Noom always says:  make it good eating.  When you’re gonna cheat on your diet, go big or go home.  And so I did.

Dessert was next.  “Can we open those bakery boxes you picked up yesterday?” I asked my husband.  He assented.  I pulled out both:  one apple, one blueberry.  I chose blueberry, cause… well, just because it’s so darn good. 

The pie looked extra delicious set upon my blue and white china plate with 14K gold etching (inherited from my Great Aunt Evelyn).  I took a bite.  And another.  Just then, my daughter returned home and spotted the pie.  She took a slice of her own and sat on the living room sofa, enjoying every last sweet morsel. 

That bakery really perfected the science of pies, hasn’t it?” she called from across the room. 

I put down my fork.  “Yes they have, my dear,” I dreamily replied.  “Yes, they have.”

Thank you for reading – PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST


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